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A Plan that Fits Your Schedule

Additional Nutritional's Holistic Nutrition Plans work according to your BODY TYPE and NUTRIENT TIMING, which is carefully matched to your individual schedule including workouts, sleep patterns, stress levels and more. Your plan is designed to balance your unique schedule while fueling and replenishing your body so you can reach new levels of personal fitness.



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How it Works

  • Fill out questionnaire below to tell us more about you and what you’d like to achieve.
  • Identify your top 3 fitness goals.
  • We gather your photos and stats for bio-signature and body type analysis and progress charting.
  • Our Holistic Nutrition Coach makes your unique Blueprint Plan

Feedback From Additional Nutritional Participants

"You always think you can't eat in order to lose weight, but this nutrition plan definitely proved that wrong!"

"I had no idea how to get my nutrition to support my lifestyle and activity levels"

"I wasn't clear on how to eat as my body and goals progressed"

"Being accountable to a personalized program made the difference"

No Calorie Counting!

You receive a list of groceries and a timed schedule for meals and snacks. The foods are selected based on what works best for your body type and your optimal digestive patterns, and there’s always an alternative choice, so you have some variety. We limit certain foods, but don't eliminate them. This is not a diet!

Kathy pre partum
Kathy 2 weeks partum
Kathy 6 months partum

Additional Nutritional Owner and Operator Kathy before and after the birth of her twin girls

You Feel Results Right Away

Our bodies respond well to healthy changes and love the influx of nutrients. Dedicated individuals, therefore, experience results almost immediately. You’ll notice your body begin to function better since you’re eating the right foods for your body type. You’ll feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and be able to exercise more efficiently. You'll get more variety with each new phase (your body will get better at handling food!)

Bi-Weekly check-ins and information help you stay motivated and on track, and email support is always available, so you can ask questions along the way.

At the end of each month, your weight, measurements and photos are updated. This information, along with your feedback and any changes to your schedule, is used to adapt your plan so it remains customized to your needs. At the end of the plan period, you’ll have learned what works best with your body type and formed new long lasting habits so you can continue a healthy lifestyle!

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